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Braids and ready assembled braid-connectors for electrotechnical useBraids and ready assembled braid-connectors for electrotechnical use

Customer-satisfaction, quality, flexibility and continous improvement are the most importanst rules of our companies policy. They are standards and prerequisites for deliver and produce products. So we are able to offer you a wide range of flexible connectors. Different methods of manufacturing make products in the area of highly-flexible braids, ready assembled connecor-elements and also welded high-current-connectors tuned for your special purposes possible. From the smallest Earthing-connectors up to high-current-connectors with a cross-section of 6000 mm˛ we produce nearly every imaginably parts. Wether in air- or watercooled variants we offer you suitable components.

Our product range of braids is seperated into the following sections:

Modern maschines for bunching and braiding are ready for disposal. The lay length and braiding angle and also the construction of the wires are choosen in the way to get a optimal flexibility for later use.

Additional to our standard-types we offer you to construct and produce a special design for your individual purposes.

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